Ford recommends various tune-up items between 20,000 miles and 150,000 miles. By having a relationship with us, we will remind you when these items need to be accomplished so you can have them done on time.

These days a tune-up may only specify a spark plug change or filter replacements. But as our commitment to your safety, the M & R Automotive technician will also check your hoses, and look for worn-out belts, fluid leaks, and any other important issues.

Tune-up procedures in older cars required adjustments to many parts that are computer-controlled today. The computer assumes items such as spark plugs are operating as they should, so we want the computer’s adjustments to be based on true information by keeping the replaceable parts within parameters. This happens by doing tune-up items when Ford specifies.

Cabin Air Filter Every 20,000 miles

Engine Air Filter Every 30,000 miles

Coolant At 100,000 miles

Spark Plugs Every 100,000 miles

Auto Transmission Fluid Every 150,000 miles

Cabin air filters are a recent innovation in mass-produced vehicles. Historically only expensive luxury cars had this option; today nearly all cars have it, and it is well worth keeping up. The Ford factory cabin air filter will do a good job of preventing airborne dirt from entering your vehicle’s living space. If you drive with someone with allergies, we can install a HEPA filter that will keep out particles as small as pollen. Ford recommends replacing the cabin air filter every 20,000 miles, but if you drive on country roads, in polluted air, or anywhere that you will encounter particulate matter in the air you should consider replacing the cabin air filter with every other oil change, about 10,000 miles.

The engine air filter does for the engine what the cabin air filter does for your lungs. An engine without a proper air filter will suck up dirt that will cause damage to internal parts, such as valve seats and cylinder walls. Like all filters, an engine air filter will hold a specific amount of dirt and no more. When the engine air filter clogs, it limits the amount of air the engine can intake. This limits power, causes worse fuel mileage, and affects the workings of the fuel injection system. Ford recommends an engine air filter change every 30,000 miles, but just as in the discussion of cabin air filters, under certain conditions you may want to change it more often. We at M & R Automotive will be glad to inspect your filters to make a recommendation on how often they should be changed.

Engine coolant works to prevent overheating, but just as important to keep your engine at a constant temperature. Smog-prevention devices on your engine require the engine to stay within certain temperature limits. Besides circulating coolant between the engine and radiator, the cooling system has a thermostat that regulates engine core temperature. The thermostat is often replaced with the coolant at 100,000 miles, as when this part ages it is likely to stick causing over or underheating of the engine’s critical surfaces. With this problem, your car may be unable to pass a smog test to re-register the vehicle. Besides regulating the engine temperature, coolant contains anti-corrosion chemicals. Since your engine block is likely to be made of iron, this is an important property. Eventually, the anti-corrosion substances will be used up, and therefore Ford recommends coolant be replaced every 100,000 miles. Modern spark plugs are long-lasting; Ford recommends replacement every 100,000 miles with the coolant change. Putting off replacing the spark plugs will result in bad running and fuel mileage, hard starting, and you may not pass the smog test. Transmission fluid makes it possible for an automatic transmission to send the engine’s power to the axle without a clutch. It holds impurities and eventually becomes saturated. Old transmission fluid will cause jerky shifts; replacing it may avert what you may have thought was an incipient transmission repair.

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