M&R Automotive Repair SHop provides a full service AC condenser or compressor repair service for car owners who have issues with these components.

The AC compressor is a critical part of your car’s air conditioner and how it works. It is powered by a motor, and its primary objective is to circulate and apply energy to the AC’s refrigerant. 

The refrigerant itself is a chemical cooling compound that takes in heat and humidity from your car, transports it, and releases it outside to keep your car cool. However, its job is primarily dependent on the compressor. 

As it travels through the air conditioner, the refrigerant changes from liquid to gas. However, it already transforms when it hits the compressor. The job of the compressor is to apply energy to this gaseous refrigerant so it becomes high-pressure gas. Just as well, the compressor raises the refrigerant’s temperature, so it is hotter than the outside temperature. Once these are done, the refrigerant is forced into the condenser coil, where it is able to release the heat and humidity it’s holding.  

Without the condenser, the refrigerant won’t be able to release any of its humidity and heat. This means that heat will most likely circulate throughout the air conditioner and just go back into the car. You waste fuel and gas, and there is no temperature change at all.

Essentially, the condenser and compressor work hand in hand to ensure that your air conditioning system is in top shape. The result is a more comfortable ride experience that you and your passengers can enjoy. 

Possible Signs Of A Failing Compressor 

Like every component, the AC compressor shows you signs when its performance starts to lag. Some of those include: 

  • Unchanging temperatures: If your AC is on but the temperature in the car doesn’t change, then it could be a sign that the compressor isn’t releasing hot air to the outside. 
  • Lukewarm air being released: When your compressor works well, it should release hot air outside the house. So, if you feel lukewarm and stale air being released into the car, then it might be a sign that something is wrong. 
  • Strange AC noises: When your AC is on and working as it should, then you’d most likely hear the compressor and fan running seamlessly – with only a subtle hum. The moment you start to hear any hissing, clanking, or banging, it’s likely that the compressor – 0r another component – is faulty.

Let The Professionals Help You Out

Got  a compressor or condenser problem in your air conditioner? Don’t sweat it. Bring your vehicle to us at M&R Automotive Repair, and we will be able to help get things in order. 

Our professionals can run a full diagnostics of your compressor and condenser. Once we find the problem, we waste no time in our mission to fix it and get your car back to you!