Here are the most common repairs we render on Porsche Macans:

Many Macan owners have found to their sorrow, that the PDK transmission, although it provides a high-quality driving experience, is unreliable. The mechatronic unit, the valve body, and the temperature sensor are the usual suspects in Macan transmission problems.

High temperature is the enemy of automatic transmissions, so when the temperature sensor fails, drivers are not alerted to overheated fluid so they can take appropriate action. Like all modern automatics, the Porsche PDK transmission is controlled by a computer. The mechatronic unit is the heart of the matter, as it houses the computer chip, a raft of sensors, and hydraulic actuators.

A typical complaint we see in Macans is that the car goes into limp mode. Limp mode is a self-protective measure when the controlling mechanism fails to allow you to get to a shop before further damage occurs. You may also experience irregular shifting and slip under acceleration.

After diagnosing the bad component, we can repair your car’s faulty transmission. There are aftermarket parts to replace the unreliable factory temperature sensor and other mechanisms. If your Macan has not yet left you stranded, the solution is frequent transmission fluid replacement. By inspecting the drained fluid, we can tell if it has been overheated and test for a failed temperature sensor.

We frequently see Macans with timing cover leaks. Since fixing the leak requires removing the engine, this can be time-consuming and expensive. Porsche dealer service departments have tried replacing the bolts they can reach with stronger ones with limited success. The answer is to remove the engine and replace the timing cover with one that isn’t warped. We can do this needed repair at a much lower price than the dealer to stop those oil spots from recurring on your driveway.

A low oil pressure warning on your dashboard is scary to see. Low or no oil pressure can result in distressing engine damage. If your Macan is a few years old, the repair bill for a damaged engine can be close to what the car is worth and far more than you are willing to pay. 

But sometimes, a misleading warning is displayed when the oil pressure sensor fails. We have replaced oil pumps and pressure relief valves to alleviate this issue. Our technician will ensure that we only replace the needed parts rather than everything that may cause the problem.

We have dedicated Porsche repair experts. Call us today to get a quote and book an appointment for a brake inspection or any Macan service you require.