Located near Belmont, CA, M & R Auto stands out as the top choice for Toyota Camry owners facing frustrating vehicle issues. Over the years, we have seen certain problems occur frequently with Camrys across multiple model years. Issues like transmission hesitation, malfunctioning oxygen sensors, worn-out brakes, steering wheel vibrations, and more can leave you stranded or unsafe on the road.

Our skilled technicians at our Menlo Park auto repair shop serving Belmont use state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and years of hands-on experience to troubleshoot Camry issues quickly and accurately. We go beyond just temporarily patching problems by identifying root causes and providing reliable, long-term fixes.

Transmission Hesitation and Shifting Problems

Delayed acceleration and jerky gear changes plague many Camry models over 100k miles. Contributing factors include:

  • Faulty solenoids preventing smooth fluid pressure
  • Leaky seals reducing hydraulic integrity
  • Worn-out transmission bands slipping and engaging erratically

We methodically test transmission components and fluids to pinpoint issues. Instead of just software tweaks, we replace damaged hardware for lasting performance.

Engine Hesitation from Failing Oxygen Sensors

The check engine light illuminating because of a bad oxygen sensor is extremely common in Camrys. This vital emissions component monitors air-fuel ratios. When it malfunctions, you may experience:

  • Choppy acceleration
  • Reduced gas mileage
  • Failed emissions tests

We troubleshoot oxygen sensor codes, inspect connections for damage, test sensor reactivity, and replace units as needed. This restores optimal engine efficiency.

Vibration and Wobbling from Faulty Tires and Brakes

Over time, Camry suspension and brake systems wear out, causing obvious symptoms like:

  • Steering wheel and seat shimmying
  • Pulsating brake pedal
  • Vehicle drifting under braking

Issues arise from:

  • Unbalanced, cupping tires
  • Warped brake rotors
  • Loose ball joints

We thoroughly examine each component and provide economical solutions – rotation and balancing, resurfacing or rotor replacement, wheel alignments, etc.

Power Steering Leaks

Camry power steering systems are prone to developing pesky leaks, especially in V6 models. Watch for:

  • Fluid puddles under engine
  • Reduced assist when turning
  • Whining pump noise

We methodically trace leakage points in hoses, pumps and gearboxes. After pinpointing cracks and porous seals, we use durable OEM-parts for dependable repairs.

While Camrys are known for reliability, some persistent issues can arise after years of driving. But at M & R Auto, we have experience accurately diagnosing and repairing Toyota Camry problems. Whether you need transmission fixes, oxygen sensor replacements, brake repairs or any other service – our ASE-certified technicians get you back on the road quickly with quality workmanship.

As a leading auto shop serving Belmont, we guarantee all Camry repairs. Contact us today to schedule affordable Camry maintenance.