From noisy brakes to brake failure, Acura RDX models have had several common brake issues over the years. At our shop in Menlo Park, M & R Auto has seen and repaired them all. Whether you’re in Belmont or beyond, keep reading to learn about fixing the most prevalent RDX brake problems.

Squealing or Grinding Noises When Braking

One of the top complaints from Acura RDX owners is hearing squeals, squeaks or grinding when applying the brakes, especially at lower speeds. This issue has impacted 2016-2020 models in particular. The culprit is often worn brake pads striking the rotor once the pad material has thinned out substantially. Machining or replacing rotors and installing fresh brake pads and hardware rectifies the problem.

Worn Brake Pads Reduce Stopping Power

Over time, the friction material on brake pads wears down through normal use. RDX owners typically start to notice fading braking performance first. Continuing to drive on excessively worn pads leads to metal on metal contact between pad backing plates and rotors, causing damage. This also produces the squealing or grinding noises when braking mentioned above. Replacing worn pads restores full braking ability.

Brake Rotor Damage Causes Pulsation and Vibration

Hard braking incidents combined with common disc thickness variation in factory rotors eventually take their toll. The symptoms owners report are pulsation, vibration or shaking in the brake pedal when slowing down. Resurfacing or replacing rotors returns smooth operation. Combining new pads, caliper servicing and fresh brake fluid completes the job.

Caliper Lubrication and Replacement

Acura RDX’s utilize sliding pin calipers in the braking system. Lack of lubrication coupled with environmental contamination causes them to seize up or stick rather than float freely. This leads to accelerated one-sided pad and rotor wear. Freeing up stuck calipers or replacing frozen units reduces noise while driving and extends pad/rotor life.

Advanced Cases – Grinding Noises and Brake Failure

In more advanced cases of worn pads/rotors as outlined above, owners have reported not only grinding noises but also greatly diminished braking ability. This dangerous scenario is often traced to excessive rotor run-out. The only remedy here is to replace both pads and rotors immediately. Machining can’t recondition a warped rotor. New hardware fully restores function.

Unexpected Braking or Delayed Response Times

Some RDX owners have experienced instances where brakes unexpectedly activate for no reason or exhibit lag time before responding to pedal input. This unpredictable behavior indicates deeper issues in the complex braking system. Thorough inspections and testing isolate the specific causes, whether mechanical failure or sensor/computer malfunction.

Brake Fluid Exchange and Full System Analysis

With any major brake repair service, M & R Auto recommends a brake fluid flush to eliminate accumulated moisture and contaminants. We also offer free multi-point inspections of the entire braking system to catch small problems before they become big. Protecting your investment with preventative maintenance provides peace of mind on the road.

Whether you’re hearing squealing brakes in your Acura RDX or experiencing delayed pedal response, bring your vehicle to M & R Auto in Menlo Park. Our ASE-certified technicians have the experience, training and equipment to accurately diagnose and repair any RDX brake issue. We provide honest, transparent pricing on all services. Contact us today to schedule brake maintenance or repairs. Investing in the safety of your vehicle protects what matters most.