Owning a Ford Focus comes with great benefits – but also some common issues like transmission failure, engine trouble, brake problems and more that can leave you stranded. Staying informed on typical Focus problems equips us to make repair decisions. Have you experienced any concerning symptoms with your Focus? The technicians at M&R Auto have repaired countless Focuses. We want to educate all Focus owners on spotting and fixing frequent vehicle issues.

Knowledge reduces stress when problems occur. At M&R Auto, we aim to inform, not overwhelm. Let’s explore some top Focus faults together. Contact us if any of these issues sound familiar.

Transmission Troubles

Slipping gears. Shuddering on acceleration. Difficulty switching gears. Focus models from 2012-2016 had notoriously faulty PowerShift transmissions. Symptoms indicate internal wear and tear over time. Ignoring issues risks complete transmission failure – an expensive repair. Stay proactive on maintenance. Have you noticed any troubling drive symptoms? Even subtle signs deserve a professional inspection. We catch small problems before they grow.

Engine Issues

Focus models from 2012-2018 faced misfire and rough idle problems. Faulty components like spark plugs, ignition coils and airflow sensors are often to blame. Engine issues frustrate owners and damage systems. Pay attention to changes in performance. Do you hear knocking sounds? Does idling feel rough? Any check engine lights? Don’t ignore warning signs. Come in for thorough engine diagnostics. We pinpoint root causes and make cost-effective repair recommendations.

Steering and Suspension Woes

Loose steering wheels. Uneven tire wear. A bumpy ride. These annoyances indicate worn steering and suspension parts in 2012-2017 models. Components like control arm bushings, tie rods and struts wear out over time. Driving on damaged parts accelerates system breakdowns. Have you noticed any alignment or handling changes? Come in immediately. We’ll inspect the entire underside for issues. Then we’ll advise affordable fixes tailored to your needs.

Electrical Gremlins

Power windows and locks failing intermittently. Lighting problems. Various electrical issues plagued 2011-2018 Focuses. Damaged wiring, faulty switches and control module failures are frequent culprits. Small issues can quickly become big headaches if left alone. Best to address problems early. Have you noticed any electrical quirks or failures? Our techs will methodically track down the source using diagnostic tools. Then we’ll recommend the most sensible fix.

Fuel System Problems

Hard starting. Poor mileage. Rough running. These frustrating symptoms often indicate clogged filters, failing pumps or damaged injectors in 2012-2017 models. Dirty and worn fuel systems prevent proper engine functioning. Don’t ignore changes in performance or mileage. Schedule a fuel system inspection today. We’ll identify any damaged components in the entire system. Then we’ll advise the best repairs for your needs and budget.

Cooling System Issues

Overheating and leaks plague 2012-2016 Focuses. Faulty radiators, water pumps and head gaskets usually cause poor heat regulation. Driving while overheated risks severe engine damage. Never ignore temperature changes or leakage. Schedule an inspection immediately if you notice either. After a thorough diagnosis, we’ll recommend the right cooling repairs to keep your Focus running cool.

Braking Problems

Soft brake pedals. Squealing. Vibrating. These annoyances indicate worn pads, damaged rotors or ABS module issues in 2012-2018 models. Ignoring problems accelerates system damage and risks brake failure – an extremely dangerous issue. Have you noticed any changes in braking feel or sounds? Don’t take chances. Come in for a brake inspection today. We’ll diagnose issues thoroughly and recommend repairs for safe, smooth stops.

We hope this overview better equips Focus owners to spot and address common problems. Staying informed on vehicle issues minimizes hassles and costs when problems do occur. No one wants to deal with car breakdowns, but they can happen despite best efforts. When that day comes, you can rely on the experts at M&R Auto to diagnose and fix your Focus quickly and affordably. Does your Focus have any concerning symptoms? Don’t hesitate – schedule an inspection today. Together, we can catch small issues before they become huge headaches.