Brake Replacement

Your car’s braking system is the first line of defense in an impending accident. Driving a car with bad brakes puts the driver and other road users at risk of an accident. On the other hand, ensuring your vehicles have well-functioning brakes can save your life and other road users. Therefore, ensure your brakes are in good condition before driving.

A good braking system is important to a safe journey. At M & R Automotive Repair, we offer brake replacement services needed for the safe operation of the vehicle. We have expert technicians trained to fix your vehicle brakes. So you can be assured that your car is in safe hands.

SMOG Check

We are a STAR certified SMOG check station. If you need a smog check to register your vehicle in California, we can help. Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your vehicle smogged, or click the button below to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in.

Flat Engine

One of the most stressful situations you could ever face as a car owner is finding out that your vehicle itself won’t turn on. The engine is the very powerhouse of your car, and if the engine isn’t coming on, then you’re guaranteed of not going anywhere.

Flat engines are especially challenging because they aren’t easy to diagnose. There are several reasons why an engine might choose not to start, so finding out the right one and treating it might not be possible for you.

Nevertheless, one of the biggest reasons why your engine might fail to start is with the battery. If the battery has discharged significantly or is just dead, then you might face some difficulty getting the engine to come on.

Regardless of what the problem is, rest assured that we will be able to get to the bottom of it. Our technicians are the best in the business, and they’ll be able to ensure that your engine is back to top condition.

Warning Lights Flashing

If you ever notice that your vehicle’s warning lights start to flash, then you know you have a problem on your hands. These lights should never be ignited, especially when you find the orange engine icon going on from your dashboard. The light signals that something is wrong with your engine, and that you need to give it a quick look.

As you’d expect, there are different things that could trigger this light to come on. So, it’s not so easy to determine what the cause of a flashing “check engine” light could be. Nevertheless, visiting a professional vehicle repair shop is the perfect solution, and we’re right here for you.

Overheating Engine

Most times, we tend not to even know that our engines are overheating until the lights start to flash. When you find this happening, you should pull over immediately and let the engine cool off. From there, take it for a repair as an overheating engine can easily cause more issues in the long run.

Overheating engines can be caused by several issues – including dirt in the engine coolant, a leak in the coolant, a burn in the radiator, and much more.

Engine Misfiring

Any signs of a misfire from your engine should be a cause for concern. A misfire can happen for several reasons – from timing chain disruptions to wear in the spark plug.

Compression Loss

Also known as the power of a car, depression is one of the most critical parts of your vehicle’s functionality. So, when you see that your car isn’t performing so well, it could be a sign that the compression of the car could be upended.

Compression loss could come from leaks in the combustion system, or a wear in your piston rings. Whatever the problem is, rest assured that we can get to the bottom of it.