We are a top-rated local Infiniti repair services shop in Menlo Park, CA. We serve the greater San Francisco Peninsula, including Atherton, Daly City, Palo Alto, and Belmont. Diagnosing and Repairing Common Infiniti Q50, QX80, QX60, G37 and EX35 Problems As ASE Master Certified technicians specializing in Infiniti vehicles, the team at M&R Auto leverages decades of combined experience diagnosing and repairing common issues with the Q50, QX80, QX60, G37 and EX35 models. When problems develop with your Infiniti sedan, crossover or SUV, we draw on extensive factory training and resources to derive solutions accurately tailored to your exact vehicle. Continue reading for an in-depth overview of symptoms, model years impacted and proven remedies for the most likely Q50, QX80, QX60, G37 and EX35 mechanical, electrical and component failures.



Brake Replacement

Your car’s braking system is the first line of defense in an impending accident. Driving a car with bad brakes puts the driver and other road users at risk of an accident. On the other hand, ensuring your vehicles have well-functioning brakes can save your life and other road users. Therefore, ensure your brakes are in good condition before driving.

A good braking system is important to a safe journey. At M & R Automotive Repair, we offer brake replacement services needed for the safe operation of the vehicle. We have expert technicians trained to fix your vehicle brakes. So you can be assured that your car is in safe hands.

SMOG Check

We are a STAR certified SMOG check station. If you need a smog check to register your vehicle in California, we can help. Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your vehicle smogged, or click the button below to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in.

Infiniti Q50

As a revered sports sedan, the Infiniti Q50 delivers an exhilarating driving experience along with luxury accommodations. But even well-engineered vehicles develop some persistent vulnerabilities over time that require attention to stay road-ready:

1. Premature Brake Wear

Brake pads and rotors on 2014-2016 Q50 models wear out extremely quickly – sometimes in under 5,000 miles. This results from excess heat buildup caused by stuck caliper pins paired with inferior friction material quality from the factory. Replacing hardware with better-quality components alongside proper lubrication stops premature wear.

2. Steering Lock Malfunctions

Intermittent Q50 steering wheel lock failures frustrate drivers attempting to start their vehicles. These mechanical issues leave cars stranded despite electronic ignitions signaling ready mode. We methodically dismantle lock assemblies, cleaning sensitive components and checking actuator pin integrity to restore consistent function.

3. Battery and Electrical Faults

No-start conditions, warning light illumination and complete electrical failures occur because of discharged batteries, malfunctioning alternators and poor ground connections. We load test charging systems fully while tracing grounds systematically. Then we replace only affected components reliably resolving electrical gremlins.

4. Infotainment System Glitches

Blurry backup cameras, non-responsive touchscreens and spontaneous audio system reboots annoy Q50 owners. We probe connector integrity throughout these circuits completely before condemning control units themselves. Then we source updated replacement modules from specialty suppliers to maintain features operational.

5. Climate Control Defects

Q50 HVAC systems blow warm air randomly, even when specifying full cold settings. These actuators require proper refrigerant pressure to function, so leaks cause problems directly. We pressure test AC systems while also testing servo motor resistance values to derive solutions. This pinpoints repairs accurately each visit.

6. Engine Sensor Failures

Sporadic check engine lights suggesting ignition or fuel trim faults generally indicate failing camshaft/crankshaft position sensors. Heat and vibration strain sensor internals over 100k+ miles. We probe wiring harness connectors thoroughly checking for contamination or corrosion before replacing affected sensors. This confirms root causes saving time and money.

7. Suspension Noises

As front control arm bushings wear internally over time, Q50 suspension systems emit knocking sounds over harsh bumps that worsen progressively. Replacing deteriorated rubber bushings with sturdier aftermarket components reestablishes quiet, precise handling for the long run.

Infiniti QX80

Blending family-friendly roominess with all-weather traction, the midsize QX60 crossover delivers comfort and confidence. But like any vehicle, key components still degrade over the six-figure mileage marks requiring attention.

1. Ignition Switch Failures

Intermittently the QX80 ignition switch and lock cylinder mechanisms bind internally, not releasing the key. This leaves drivers stranded outside vehicles believing batteries became discharged. We lubricate and adjust ignition components precisely to restore seamless starting ability each visit.

2. Air Suspension Compressor Burnout

The complex QX80 air suspension suffers repeated air pump seal failures causing compressors to overheat and shut down. Warning lights plus awkward ride heights result. We over haul air supply units completely or install replacement compressor bypass kits improving reliability.

3. Rear Camera Blind Spots

Despite providing expanded views around vehicles while reversing, QX80 rear cameras have built-in blind spots forcing drivers to remain vigilant of surrounding obstacles. Adjusting camera positions and adding secondary sensors improves rearward visibility and safety.

4. Infotainment Upgrades

Lacking expected features of luxury SUVs, outdated QX80 infotainment technology frustrates passengers. We customize modern processors, premium sound systems and rear seat entertainment essentials seamlessly matching OEM aesthetics for first-class enjoyment.

5. Transmission Fluid Leaks

The 7-speed automatic transmission suffers consistent fluid leaks as housing cracks appear. The large assembly requires removal to properly replace damaged sections and reseal gaskets. We handle this overhaul carefully to retain shift precision following repairs.

6. Timing Chain Stretching

As engines accumulate miles, stretching timing chains impact valve timing events causing spark knocks alongside oil burning. Replacing worn guides and chains requires removal but eliminates these symptoms restoring smooth operation.

7. Climate Control Panel Failure

The digital touchscreen interface governing HVAC functions in QX80 models fails without warning leaving passengers uncomfortable. We troubleshoot wiring and programming faults thoroughly before replacing control panels and calibration modules to maintain functionality.

Infiniti QX60

Blending family-friendly roominess with all-weather traction, the midsize QX60 crossover delivers comfort and confidence. But like any vehicle, key components still degrade over the six-figure mileage marks requiring attention.

1. Faulty Transmission Valve Bodies

Harsh downshifts and warning lights warning of critically high fluid temperatures plague QX60 models frequently. Debris accumulation inside worn valve body channels reduces hydraulic pressures essential for smooth shifts. We disassemble, thoroughly clean and optimize valve body tolerances restoring shifts reliably.

2. Hybrid Battery Deterioration

Aging QX60 hybrid battery packs lose capacity gradually, reducing fuel economy and electric-only driving range as cells weaken internally. Keeping cells balanced through careful charging and monitoring helps extend operational life significantly before requiring replacement.

3. Engine Oil Sludge Buildup

Infiniti’s 3.5L V6 engines powering QX60 SUVs endure oil sludge problems over time without proper maintenance. This accelerates wear substantially. We flush contaminated oils and remove trapped deposits internally through intensive cleaning procedures restoring function.

4. Rear Liftgate Strut Failures

Dual gas-charged struts supporting QX60 rear liftgates deteriorate faster than expected from repeated opening/closing cycles. Warning stickers regarding closure force provide indication worn struts require replacement for ease of operation. We source robust aftermarket alternatives improving longevity.

5. Air Conditioning Compressor Seizure

During warm periods, seized AC compressors halt refrigerant flow suddenly despite electrical bases engaging pulleys properly. Burning clutch plates internally create friction halting compressors mechanically. This mandates replacement to maintain cooling capabilities.

6. Infotainment Control Unit Defects

Touch panels and navigation interfaces operate inconsistently as solder points inside QX60 infotainment control modules weaken from vibration and thermal stresses. We resolder the multitude of circuit board connections inside improving functionality drastically without replacements.

7. Suspension Clunking Noises

Aged front lower control arm bushings wear internally causing QX60 suspension systems to emit knocking sounds over harsh bumps that worsen progressively. We replace deteriorated rubber bushings with sturdier aftermarket components reestablishing quiet, precise handling for the long run.

Infiniti G37

Infiniti’s G37 resonates as a true four-seat sports car with an inviting blend of acceleration, handling precision and upscale accommodations. Nonetheless, essential systems eventually require restoration to maintain the exhilarating driving experience expected.

1. Automatic Transmission Hard Shifts

G37 automatic gearboxes develop sporadic hard upshifts and downshifts felt through the vehicle drivetrain over time. Valve body components wear internally while clutch packs glaze gradually leading to these symptoms. Precision reconditioning restores smooth delivery of power.

2. Manual Transmission Bearing Noise

Increased whining noises from manual transmission assemblies generally indicate input shaft bearing deterioration from mileage accumulation. Replacing bearings requires extensive disassembly but eliminates disturbances through the chassis while shifting smoothly.

3. Convertible Top Malfunctions

Sticking convertible tops that hesitate fully opening or closing point toward worn linkage components or struggling lift motors. We inspect mechanical pieces thoroughly and test motors electrically to derive repair solutions returning flawless motion.

4. Engine Misfire Diagnosis

When ignition coils fail from vibration or spark plug electrodes wear down gradually, sporadic misfires activate check engine lights as cylinder events weaken. Using diagnostics to pinpoint problem areas paired with replacements cures drivability issues plus illuminated alerts.

5. Climate Control Programming

G37 HVAC systems default to warm interior settings despite selecting cooled ventilation modes. This results from corrupted automatic climate control module logic requiring software refreshing for accurate temperature regulation again.

6. Airbag Warning Light Triggers

Conflicting sensor data activates G37 airbag service warnings in the instrument cluster randomly. In other cases the ABS and parking brake indicator illuminate without apparent issues. We recalibrate monitoring modules through updated programming eliminating erroneous alerts.

7. Suspension Clunking Over Bumps

Worn front control arm bushings present themselves as a light clunking noise felt through the chassis when driving over harsh bumps. This worsening condition leads to alignment issues and reduced handling precision over time. We replace the deteriorated rubber bushings restoring factory tolerances.

Infiniti EX35

With available all-wheel drive traction plus a dose of athleticism, the EX35 luxury crossover invites owners to challenge inclement conditions and twisting back roads worry-free for years when maintained properly over six-figure milestones.

1. Engine Stalling and Hesitation

EX35 models stall unexpectedly when accelerating, predominately from stop signs or traffic lights at lower speeds. This results from clogged fuel injectors struggling to supply sufficient fuel pressure for smooth operation. Precision cleaning ultimately restores injection spray patterns and steady acceleration.

2. Transmission Fluid Burning Smell

Automatic gearboxes slip excessively from worn clutch material before a burning odor permeates the cabin indicating critically low fluid levels. We thoroughly flush contamination from worn packs and bands while screening for leaks meticulously. Adding proper lubricant finishes the intensive rebuild protecting internals.

3. Electrical Shorts and Failure

Repeating warning light illumination followed by sudden electrical system failure while driving highlights fragile wiring insulation throughout chassis harnesses. We methodically probe each harness segment checking connector integrity to locate and repair damage providing reliable service.

4. Navigation and Touchscreen Repair

Unresponsive Infiniti navigation/infotainment touch panels and distorted backup camera views require solder reworking within display control modules to resecure faulty internal connections from vibration and thermal stressing over the years. This restores function avoiding expensive replacements.

5. Heater Core and Evaporator Leaks

Lack of airflow from vents combined with foggy windows confirm EX35 air conditioning components now leak substantially requiring overhaul. We pressure test then replace worn heater cores and evaporators restoring comfortable cabin conditions efficiently.

6. Rear Differential Whining

High-pitched noise emitting from the rear differential at moderate speeds indicates worn pinion bearings struggling handling driveshaft forces. We replace both the pinion and differential side bearings, adjust gear mesh tolerances then fill the housing with factory lubricant stopping the disturbance.

7. Front Suspension Clunking

Front strut cartridge failure allows the full suspension assembly to recoil over bumps emitting a resonant clunking noise from subframe contact. This worsening condition requires replacing worn strut cartridges and checking associated components like sway bar links and control arm bushings for binding symptoms. New struts transform handling dynamics positively.

While all manufacturers have inherent vulnerabilities, maintaining Infiniti sedans, crossovers and SUVs according to factory recommendations provides the best ownership experience limiting major issues substantially. When problems do occur, the ASE Master Certified technicians at M&R Auto draw on extensive training and resources to diagnose symptoms accurately for Q50, QX80, QX60, G37 and EX35 models. Contact us today to schedule service supporting your vehicle investment through customized maintenance.