We are a top-rated local Jaguar repair services shop in Menlo Park, CA. We serve the greater San Francisco Peninsula, including Atherton, Daly City, Palo Alto, and Belmont. As a venerable luxury automaker, Jaguar is synonymous with exceptional performance, head-turning style, and refined comfort. However, even the most well-engineered vehicles can develop issues over time that require attentive care.

At M&R Auto in Menlo Park, CA, we specialize in servicing Jaguar vehicles for owners across the Bay Area. Over years of experience, our expert technicians have seen virtually every common Jaguar issue and helped drivers get their cars back on the road.

Below, we’ll share our in-depth knowledge on some of the most notorious problems associated with today’s most popular Jaguar models—the F-PACE, F-TYPE, XJR, E-PACE, and I-PACE. Read on to learn what to watch for with your own Jag so you can take prompt action and protect your investment.



Brake Replacement

Your car’s braking system is the first line of defense in an impending accident. Driving a car with bad brakes puts the driver and other road users at risk of an accident. On the other hand, ensuring your vehicles have well-functioning brakes can save your life and other road users. Therefore, ensure your brakes are in good condition before driving.

A good braking system is important to a safe journey. At M & R Automotive Repair, we offer brake replacement services needed for the safe operation of the vehicle. We have expert technicians trained to fix your vehicle brakes. So you can be assured that your car is in safe hands.

SMOG Check

We are a STAR certified SMOG check station. If you need a smog check to register your vehicle in California, we can help. Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your vehicle smogged, or click the button below to schedule an appointment to bring your vehicle in.

F-PACE: Gremlins, Recalls and Costly Repairs

As Jaguar’s best-selling model, the F-PACE midsize luxury SUV combines the brand’s signature agility with maximum practicality. However, F-PACE owners have reported their fair share of frustrating gremlins.

Electrical issues lead the pack, especially involving the InControl touchscreen interface. Faulty touch sensors, frozen screens, and complete system failures have left drivers without access to navigation, climate controls, or even backup cameras. While software updates can provide temporary relief, full display unit replacement is often necessary.

Mechanical problems have also plagued F-PACE reliability. Pulley bolt breakage can cause the serpentine belt to detach, resulting in immediate engine shutdown and costly repairs. Fuel system leaks leading to fires prompted a major recall in 2021. Instrument cluster and suspension issues round out common complaints.

The Takeaway: Schedule biannual software updates and inspect all recalls and TSBs to protect yourself from F-PACE gremlins. Identify issues early and complete necessary repairs before small problems lead to major headaches down the road.

F-TYPE: Beauty With Some Beastly Flaws

With its curvaceous bodywork and raucous supercharged V8, the F-TYPE coupe and convertible encapsulate Jaguar’s sporting heritage. However, some beastly flaws can undermine the ownership experience.

Rear differential fluid leaks resulting from faulty seals affect over 20% of all F-TYPE models. Left unchecked, these leaks can cause the rear end to completely fail, with repair bills often exceeding $6,000. Exhaust valve problems are another notorious and expensive issue, while problematic infotainment systems and lackluster interior materials also drag down reliability scores.

The Takeaway: Have us inspect the rear differential seals and exhaust valves during routine service. Update infotainment software frequently and address any interior squeaks or rattles through warranty coverage early on. Proactive maintenance is key to ensuring your beautiful F-Type performs as good as it looks.

XJR: Handling Refinement With Some Rough Edges

The XJR builds upon the XJ sedan’s supple ride with serious performance upgrades. However, some handling refinement issues can diminish the experience of driving this powerful machine.

Worn suspension bushings and ball joints shortchange the XJR’s cornering abilities while accelerating uneven tire wear. Oil leaks stem from a variety of sources, with the AJ26 V8 engine proving particularly troublesome. Misfiring cylinders, supercharger whine, and crankshaft sensor failure also make the list of top complaints.

The Takeaway: Have your technician thoroughly inspect the suspension system yearly, focusing on the control arm bushings. Identify any oil leaks early and determine the source right away. An immediate fix will prevent engine damage down the line.

E-PACE: Premium Promises Meet Pitfalls

The E-PACE brings Jaguar’s seductive styling to a more compact SUV package with lower barriers to entry. However, quality control issues have challenged reliability.

Infotainment glitches and blank screens frustrate drivers, while sudden engine power loss presents real safety hazards. Diesel models also face particulate filter failures that cut power and efficiency.

The Takeaway: Insist that your dealer addresses any gremlins without delay before warranties expire. Seek immediate support for sudden power loss incidents. Follow all maintenance guidelines for diesel models religiously to prevent catastrophic engine damage over time.

I-PACE: Electrifying Innovation With Quirks

As Jaguar’s first fully-electric vehicle, the I-PACE SUV spearheads the brand’s eco-conscious vision. Yet this advanced EV comes with distinctive teething problems.

Charging system faults—especially with public stations—undermine confidence. Thermal events stemming from faulty battery cooling have also led to highly-publicized fires. Software glitches ranging from wonky displays to warning lights further erode the ownership experience.

The Takeaway: Only use certified Jaguar technicians for I-PACE maintenance to ensure firmware and batteries are optimized. Adhere to all charging guidelines faithfully and avoid overtaxing systems. Embrace over-the-air updates whenever available to capitalize on the latest tech fixes.

Keep Your Jaguar Purring with Proactive Maintenance

While Jaguar vehicles deliver tremendous performance and prestige, they also require meticulous care. By understanding the common issues associated with your model and addressing problems promptly, you can keep your Jag purring for years to come.

As your trusted Bay Area Jaguar service experts, M&R Auto in Menlo Park stands ready to support your vehicle’s health. Our ASE-certified technicians have deep experience resolving electrical gremlins, drivetrain maladies, and everything in between. We also offer complimentary multi-point inspections to identify issues before they become major repair headaches.

To discuss your Jaguar’s unique needs or schedule comprehensive service, give us a call or stop into our shop conveniently located in Menlo Park. We proudly keep the Bay Area’s most prestigious vehicles running like new.