Boasting bold styling and brawny horsepower, the Dodge Challenger coupe recaptures the throwback muscle car glory in a thoroughly modern package. However, even these mighty performance vehicles experience typical issues from time to time that require skilled maintenance and repair. Fortunately, M & R Auto has the expertise to quickly diagnose and fix common Challenger problems.

As your auto shop serving Belmont for over 50 years, we have extensive hands-on experience servicing the Challenger. Our master technicians leverage cutting-edge diagnostic tools and genuine MOPAR® parts to restore peak performance and reliability when issues arise. Read on to learn about the prevalent problems we frequently tackle in the shop.

Essential Electrical Systems Plagued with Glitches

Like most modern vehicles, the Challenger relies on finely-calibrated electronics to control essential functions, primarily through the Totally Integrated Power Module (TIPM). This computer can malfunction randomly, disrupting vital operations like fuel delivery, windshield wipers, door locks, and even the starter motor.

Replacing the troublesome TIPM outright solves these frustrating electrical gremlins for the long run. And we ensure related systems function harmoniously after installation for seamless performance. Keeping electronics in top shape is key for ongoing enjoyment.

Safety and Drivability Issues Require Immediate Action

Two other serious issues involve unexpected airbag deployment and faulty air conditioning in certain Challenger model years. We can query your VIN at no charge to check for related recalls and advisories. Replacing aging airbag propellants eliminates explosion risks. And installing new A/C components or an entire system restores interior comfort and visibility.

Transmission problems also require urgent attention as gears slipping or rough shifting only worsens mechanical damage over time. Replacing worn shift solenoids, torque converters, or the full module restores smooth cog swaps and momentum. And a faulty electronic throttle body causes poor engine response and power loss, corrected by replacement.

Specialized Systems Prone to Specific Flaws

A few unique aspects of the Challenger inevitably falter after years of hard use. Water pump failure provokes engine overheating and coolant leaks due to corrosion and impeller faults. Defective rocker arms in the V6 Pentastar engine click loudly during operation. And various sensors and valves manage airflow and combustion, falling out of spec through contamination.

Our master techs have specialized tools and software to evaluate issues in complex vehicle systems accurately. We supply affordable solutions to restore factory-fresh performance, whether replacing individual sensors or conducting in-depth engine repairs. Protect your investment through timely service.

Trust M & R Auto as Your Repair Facility

Bring your beloved Challenger to M & R Auto in Belmont for comprehensive maintenance ahead of major issues. Let our Dodge specialists tackle problems promptly while still affordable. With over half a century of auto mechanical experience under our tool belts, the team at M & R Auto knows Dodge vehicles inside out. We’ve tackled virtually every Challenger issue and then some over the years. Let us leverage our expertise to keep your muscle car running strong for years beyond the odometer reading.

Rather than hassles and headaches, ensure your prized Challenger ownership experience remains positive by having the experts at M & R Auto handle all service needs. If you live in Belmont, contact us today to maintain performance and protect your investment through priority Dodge service.